Monica Geller should be our favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character


Don’t you think Monica Geller should be our favorite or at least one of the favorite characters of the show? She is a loving sister, a caring friend, a passionate girlfriend, and a woman with a huge heart. Then why isn’t she a favorite character of ours?

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Monica E. Geller, or Monica Fellula Geller or Big Fat Goalie or Monana or Mon(Courtney Cox) was the first person on the series to show generosity when she allowed Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) to stay with her in the apartment. She was the person always cooking for everybody inclusive of JOEY. Monica “is” always the hostess. She always everything to be perfect and when she learned that she could not bear a child with her husband, Chandler(Matthew Perry) she decided to adopt instead of finding a donor( or simply rejecting one).

Monica gave Ross(David Schwimmer) and Rachel a perfect name for their daughter Emma. When she was offered a job at Alessandro’s but choosing to take the job would make Phoebe(Lisa Kudrow) sad so she decided to reject the job offer. M. Geller helped Chandler to “satisfy” his woman. She gave away her one wedding dress in exchange for the Swing Kings band whom Chandler wanted to sing in their wedding reception.

So, after reading about all these events together must have made Monica Geller your one of the favorite character. But still, you are not impressed with her then you should definitely her on screen.


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