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how to hide apps in vivo
how to hide apps in vivo

Since there is no app drawer in the Vivo phones and all the apps are present on the home screen that makes a cluster. Some of the apps are useful so that to minimize the cluster and to make your work easier, it is advisable to hide the apps. Today, we are going to tell you about how to hide apps in Vivo phones.

Which Apps To Hide In Vivo

Suppose you lend your phone to a friend and didn’t want him or her to about some specific apps you use. There are many occasions in the Indian family that relatives’ kids ask about games on your phone and want to play them. on the other hand, you didn’t want them to give you your phone then you can hide the installed games. Also, there is a cluster of apps in Chinese-owned branded phones as they do not have any app drawer. So to clear and minimize the cluster you can also hide the apps.

Steps To Hide Apps

For FunTouch OS 3.0 and Later

  • Go to your Vivo Home screen and long tap on a blank space to bring up the ‘Hide icon’ option.
  • Users can also set up a password during this step so if someone tries to unhide a certain app, the device will ask for a pin. Set up the privacy password which is the same as the ‘Hide Icon’ password.
  • Slide the apps downwards to hide them.

Unhide The Hidden Apps

If you want to unhide the hidden apps, then you have to deselect the apps that you have previously selected to hide.

But… Wait

Vivo removes the feature to hide the apps in some previous iterations of FunTouch OS, and it is still true. So without any third-party apps it is not possible to hide the apps. But you can safe lock with the privacy lock feature. Just you have to select the apps that you want to put lock and they require password each time they are requested to access.


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