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how to remove jio caller tune
how to remove jio caller tune

The caller tune offered by the Jio is free of cost and it doesn’t cost any charge from us. But, if some of you want to remove or change the caller tune, as some of you get bored from the previous one. Today, we are going to tell you about the methods regarding how to remove the Jio caller tune from your phone.

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Remove JIO Caller Tune

To remove the Jio caller tune, there are three methods or ways to carry out the task.

Using MyJio App

  • Open the MyJio app. Download it from the Apple Store or Play Store.
  • Select the ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu.
  • Head to ‘My Subscriptions page’ and tap on ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on ‘Yes’ on the confirmation page.

Using IVR

  • Open the dialer app on your smartphone.
  • Dial “155223” from the Jio number.
  • Choose the preferred language by pressing ‘1’ for English and ‘2’ for Hindi.
  • Now, the IVR will prompt all the active Value-added-services on the Jio number.
  • Choose the Jio Tune option to deactivate.

Using SMS

  • Open the Message app on your smartphone.
  • Type ‘Stop’ in the message and send it to “56789”.
  • Reply with ‘1’ to confirm the deactivation.
  • Once done, the user will receive a confirmation SMS saying, “JioTunes services have been deactivated on your number.”



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