Tips – How To See Count of Dislikes in YouTube on PC

see count of dislikes in YouTube
see count of dislikes in YouTube

On November 10th, YouTube declared on their blog that, dislike count will be private on YouTube for all platforms. In any case, the dislike button will still available for all users. YouTube has done this, to shield little makers from provocation, and lessen the dislike attacks. Despite the fact that, YouTube Creator Studio actually shows like, dislike count in the content section. So obviously, YouTube is simply concealing dislike count from viewers, not from creators. It is doable to re-view the YouTube disklike count, basically for the time being. However, at some point or another, this technique likewise going to stop working. Read this article and follow the steps to see count of dislikes in YouTube.

Steps to see Count of Dislikes in YouTube

To bring back dislikes counter back in the YouTube website, you need to introduce a chrome extension – Return YouTube Dislike. This expansion is created by “”. It is a free and open-source augmentation accessible for all chromium-based programs (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Brave) and Firefox.

return YouTube dislike - chrome extension
return YouTube dislike – Chrome extension
  1. Open the web store and search for “Return YouTube Dislike” Extension page in Chrome or Mozilla Web Browser.
  2. At the extension page, you will see the “Add to Chrome” button. Do tap on it.
  3. A popup will show up, to request affirmation. Click on “Add extension”.
  4. Chrome will currently download and install the extension for you. You will get a popup alert that “Return YouTube dislike has been added to Chrome”.
  5. To find and add the recently added extension symbol to the right side of the address bar. Click on the puzzle symbol.
  6. Play any YouTube video and you will actually want to see the dislikes count like previously.


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